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Submit Post for Listing

  • Please send an email to along with Word/Text document containing all details of your event/opportunity/experience/review.


  • The subject line of your email should be ‘ Re: Post at Lawsevak Plus ’.

  • Send the content in Word/Text document only along with flyer and other document if any.

  • Do not send Post content in PDF file.

  • The content should be between 300-2000 words.

  • Do add the original URL to your event/opportunity.

  • Add details(email id contact number) for contact, our representative may call you in regard to listing a post at Lawsevak Plus for discussion, clarifications or any other related reason.

  • Please Note, Lawsevak do not entertain any direct call or messages for post listing, you are required to follow the above procedure only.

Details to include:

For Events:

  • About the Organiser

  • Details about the Event

  • Eligibility

  • Location

  • Registration/Submission Procedure

  • Rules/Guidelines

  • Fee details (if any)

  • Prizes (if any)

  • Important Dates

  • Contact Information

  • Official Web Address (if any)

For Work related opportunities:


  • About the Organisation

  • Nature of Work

  • Eligibility/Experience/Qualifications

  • Vacancies

  • Location

  • Salary/Stipend (if any)

  • Duration of Work

  • Application Procedure

  • Contact Information

  • Official Web Address (if any)

For your Experiences / Reviews of Internship / Recruitment:

  • Your Details (Name, Education, City, etc.)
    [You may Write 'Anonymous' if you wish not to share your name]

  • About Organisation

  • Application Process

  • Duration of comitmetment

  • Working Hours

  • First Day Formalities

  • Details of Work Undertaken

  • Work environment

  • Stipend / Salary

  • Other Perks

  • Positives

  • Negatives

  • Accommodations & Commuting to Work Place

NOTE: Feel free to include any other detail relevant for your post.

For queries, you may send an email at

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