Think India International Relations Forum’s Interactive Session on Permanent Seat for India in UNSC

by Think India

Think India International Relations Forum is organizing an interactive session on one of the most intriguing topics in contemporary parlance i.e. Permanent Seat for India in UNSC: A Hobson’s choice or a Political Gimmick?

About the speaker

The resource person for the event will be Dr. Sreeram Chaulia, an erudite expert in International Relations. He is Professor and Dean at the Jindal School of International Affairs, O.P. Jindal Global University, in Sonipat, India. He is a leading opinion columnist for Indian newspapers- The Economic Times and The Asian Age- on world affairs and a commentator on international current issues on radio and television.

Moreover, he is a contributing editor for ‘People Who Influenced the World’ (Murray Books, Adelaide, 2005), and has authored ‘International Organizations and Civilian Protection: Power, Ideas and Humanitarian Aid in Conflict Zones’ (I.B. Tauris, London, 2011), ‘Politics of the Global Economic Crisis: Regulation, Responsibility and Radicalism’ (Routledge, New Delhi, London & New York, 2013) and ‘Modi Doctrine: The Foreign Policy of India’s Prime Minister’ (Bloomsbury, 2016).

His latest book ‘Trumped: Emerging Powers in a Post-American World’ was published by Bloomsbury in October 2019.

Date: November 9, 2020

Time: 5:00 PM IST

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