South Asia Students For Liberty’s e-Samvaad on Youth’s Participation in Politics

by South Asia Students For Liberty

About the Organisers

Students for Liberty is the largest pro-liberty movement of students in the world with a presence in more than 100 countries and every inhabited continent dedicated to the idea of spreading liberty.

Samvaad is an open platform where people come together, share their knowledge on a certain topic and get involved in a dialogue with like-minded people so as to reach out to one’s paramount potential in pursuit of solutions to the challenges that besiege the world.

About the Event

When it comes to political affairs, everyone seems to have an opinion. However, when it comes down to the youths of the nation, there simply is a shortage of them occupied in the political realm. Undoubtedly, young people’s relationship with contemporary politics is complex in nature; however, the percentage of those involved is quite minor to those of their parents’ age-range.

Ill-advisedly, the majority of youths do not participate in formal politics due to pre-conceived attitudes concerning the difference their vote will make. How important is it for youths to be engaged in politics? Can youths really induce a change in an ongoing form of Democracy?

Date: 8th November, Sunday

Time: 6 PM IST onwards

Reading materials will be shared post-registration. [Limited Seats]

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