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Lawsevak is a network of law students and professionals and we are well associated with  eminent experts of the legal fraternity. As we cater to law students, young professionals & law aspirants, we can help you achieve a larger audience in legal community for events and opportunities hosted by you. We also post experiences and reviews of Internship and employments.

Lawsevak Plus

We list your post at our exclusive page Lawsevak Plus on our website to reach an organic audience and make it a huge success. You may opt for our special service to organise your event online through

You can also share your experience or review of your internship or/and employment to help our audience know about the first-hand feedback.

To list your post with us at Lawsevak Plus, click here to submit your post for a review.

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Media Partner

You may add Lawsevak as your Media Partner to reach even larger audience and for reliable promotions. As Media Partner we make sure your event update extends to all our audience and you get the best of the results, and it also includes special offer for social media promotions on major platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

For Media Partner, email us at with subject 'Re: Media Partner'.