Lawsevak provides an opportunity for students, practitioners, researchers, young professionals, and academicians from various disciplines to submit their writings on multidisciplinary topics like Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Economy in the context of law.

We accept writings on a rolling basis and may also invite for submissions.

Please read our editorial policy carefully before submitting an article.

Manuscripts may be submitted in either form of an article, book review, notes or comments on judgments, or a research paper.

Submission Guidelines

•   All    manuscripts    should    be     submitted    in   MS   Word  ( .doc  or  docx. )    format   only   to
    editor.lawsevak@gmail.com   with   the   subject   title   “Submission for Blog”.

•   All entries  should be  accompanied with an abstract  of not more  than 250 words giving the  idea of
    the main  article,  the objective,  and  the conclusion  to  be  drawn  from  it.

•   The document  should  have  a cover page  containing  only  the heading  of  the  article or  research
     paper and  the name  of  the  author(s)  with  organization  and  designation.

•   The document  should have  a table of contents/index containing any  headings and sub-headings in
     the  article.

•   The minimum  word limit is 800 words  for an article, 500 words for a book review and comments on
     judgment, and 4000 words for a research paper.

•   All manuscripts submitted should adhere to the following format -

    Main text: Font - Times New Roman,  Font size - 12,  Line spacing - 1.5,  Alignment – justified

    Cover Page Headings:  Font -  Times  New Roman,  Font  size - 16, Line  spacing - 1.5,  Alignment –

•   All citations and  references should be  made in the form of  hyperlinks as far as possible; in absence
    of  hyperlinks, citations  should  be  done in Bluebook  20th Edition  style format  and a  proper list of
    them to be present at the end of the article.

Review of Manuscript

  The  submissions  should  be  the  original  work of   the  author  and  should  have  not  been  published
    previously or in consideration of a publication in any electronic or print media.

  The  manuscript  shall  be  rejected  in  case  of  any  plagiarism  found  in  the  contents.   The  maximum
    plagiarism accepted will be 25%.

  Lawsevak  reserves  the  right   to  disqualify any  submission  on  the  grounds of  plagiarism  or  existing
   publication  of  the  work.  The  final  decision  as  to  the  acceptance  of  the  manuscript  for  publication
   rests   with  the  Editor-in-Chief  of  Lawsevak.

•  There  may be  a  peer  review  of  each  manuscript  submitted  to  the  Editorial Team  at  Lawsevak  for
    publications by eminent scholars.  However, the same  is subject to  the discretion  of Lawsevak. 


The manuscripts published by Lawsevak are the Intellectual Property of the Website. However, for non-commercial purposes, the limited use of published material is not prohibited. 


The views expressed in the blog articles, comments, and all other contributions in any other form to the Lawsevak are those of the individual authors. Lawsevak disclaims any liability for violation of copyright by the author. The contributors by submitting any contribution towards Lawsevak agree to indemnify Lawsevak from and against all claims, suits, and damages based on any claim of copyright infringement or plagiarism or unauthorised use.




For further clarification regarding editorial policy, you may send an email at hello.lawsevak@gmail.com

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