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Lawsevak caters to law students, young professionals & law aspirants and with our every growing organic audience advertising at Lawsevak is the best way to market & promote your organisation / product / service and reach out to the legal community.


  • To advertise at Lawsevak send an email to partner.lawsevak@gmail.com specifically mentioning your requirement in detail with the Subject ' Re: Advertise at Lawsevak '.

  • Cost of advertising at Lawsevak depends on your specific requirement. Generally, it starts with a cost as low as Rs.3000 per month or Rs.100 per day.

  • Lawsevak also help NGOs, Student-Run-Initiatives, etc. to grow by promoting their organisation / product / service through our advertisement space with free-of-cost / special discounted rates exclusively for such organisations.

Advertisement Spaces at Lawsevak:


  • Pop Up

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  • Side Banners

  • Sponsored Posts

We also advertise through our social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

For queries, you may send an email at partner.lawsevak@gmail.com